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Surfers paradise 00:01 Quicklist

Surfers paradise

At the border to Spain is the French surfer paradise Hossegor. Long, white beaches where the...

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Le voyage dans la lune 00:23 Quicklist

Le voyage dans la lune

By George Melies, an old 1902 film from france about a small group of scientists that travel to...

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Excursion dans la lune 00:06 Quicklist

Excursion dans la lune

Excursion dans la Lune was nade in 1908 by Segundo de Chomon as a copy of the earlier "A Trip to...

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Under the red robe 01:21 Quicklist

Under the red robe

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1981 mireille mathieu and francis lemarque 00:11 Quicklist

1981 mireille mathieu and...

Mireille joins Francis Lemaque in this TV special, Le coeur de Paris.

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A very fine lady 00:03 Quicklist

A very fine lady

A delightful little 1908 silent comedy from Louis Feuillade of France who directed over 630 films.

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